Preparing for Admissions Scientifically-Qingshen Kindergarten 2019 National Semester Education Promotion Month Officially Launched-Latest News

Preparing for Admission Scientifically-Qingshen County Kindergarten's 2019 National Semester Education Promotion Month officially kicks off

Preparing for Admission Scientifically-Qingshen County Kindergarten's 2019 National Semester Education Promotion Month officially kicks off

我园举行了“青神县幼儿园2019全国学前教育宣传月活动”启动仪式。 In order to implement the spirit of the "Notice on Launching the National Preschool Education Publicity Month of 2019" issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Education, on May 20th, our park held the launching ceremony of "Qingshen County Kindergarten 2019 National Preschool Education Publicity Month".

At the launching ceremony, Director Wang Yuan conveyed the theme spirit of this “Preschool Education Awareness Month” —scientifically preparing for school. ,引发幼儿对小学生活的积极体验和向往。 She asked the teachers in the park to establish a scientific concept, respect the development rules and learning characteristics of young children, eradicate the "primary school" tendency from the root, pay attention to the comprehensive development of children's body and mind, cultivate children's good living habits and self-care ability , and arouse children's positive attitude to primary school life Experience and yearn. 入学前应该具备哪些基本能力 为题,给大班的宝贝们提出了具体要求。 At the same time, under the title of " What basic abilities should I have before entering school " , I put forward specific requirements for the big class babies.

拉开了我园学前教育宣传月活动的序幕。 The launching ceremony kicked off the preschool education publicity month in our park. 开展内容丰富、形式多样的系列活动 ,引领家长科学育儿, 真正达到 “科学做好入学准备”的目标。 Our park will organize and carry out a series of activities with rich content and various forms to lead parents to scientific parenting and truly achieve the goal of “scientifically preparing for school”.

What should I do before entering elementary school?

With more than three months, the children in the kindergarten class will be promoted to primary school. For the child, everything is natural, but for the parents, they have started the second anxiety after entering the school-the problem of the transition period from the kindergarten to the elementary school. Bao Bao Bao Ma will worry about children's life problems, learning problems, social problems and so on. In addition to anxiety, how can we solve these problems that children may encounter in the future? Don't worry, I will give Bao Dabao Baomao the following tricks and give them a "sedative".

首先要做好心理准备。 1. Parents must prepare psychologically before their child enters school .

宝爸宝妈要从心里认识到:我们的孩子真的长大了,行为能力增强了,思维发展也在不断上升。 In the first aspect, Bao Da Bao Bao Ma must realize from the heart that our children have really grown up, their behavioral capabilities have increased, and their thinking development has continued to rise. Our children can adapt to school life, just like children entered kindergarten three years ago, they can adapt to different environments in their own unique ways. Please believe our children that they are more adaptable than we think.

要承认自己的孩子就是普通的孩子并不是“天才”,我们不要对孩子进行“天才”教育。 In the second aspect, we must admit that our children are ordinary children and not "geniuses". We should not educate our children. There is no need for intensive preschool training, because doing so does not make any sense. It is important to know that a child's intellectual development can be reflected by jumping levels. However, a child's psychological development will definitely not skip levels. It should be developed regularly and naturally. When the child's intelligence is "tamed in advance" and the mind is step by step, it will be the most painful thing.

要帮助孩子做好心理准备。 2. Parents should help their children prepare psychologically before their children enter school .

孩子对进入小学这件事是充满向往的,充满期待的。 First of all, children are eager and looking forward to entering primary school. You can make your child feel cognitively grown up by reading photos, drawings, picture books, etc. from small to large, and look forward to entering the primary school with confidence.

建立孩子的自信心去面对未来学校的生活。 Second, build children's self-confidence to face future school life. Through various platforms, channels or various games to exercise children's self-confidence, motivate children to express themselves and face problems. In daily life, we must support and encourage children to participate in family decision-making, listen more to their ideas, give children opportunities to express themselves, and give them sufficient respect.

Praising the advantages of children more is also a flash point, less attention to the deficiencies of children, but also to avoid horizontal comparison. Each individual's level of development is different, and the same problem will result in different performance.

孩子养成良好生活习惯。 3. Help your children develop good habits before they go to school .

The living habits of kindergartens and elementary schools are completely different. Problem-solving in the kindergarten mainly depends on teachers. After entering elementary school, children need to learn to rely on their own strengths to solve problems. So it is very important to develop good habits.

(One)   Go to bed early and get up early to learn in the morning. At the kindergarten stage, many parents do not have the concept of time, do not have the concept of being late and leave early, and do not think it is so important. In elementary school, this cannot be the case, but the child will still be a person without the concept of time. So we recommend that from now on, let our children go to the kindergarten on time and not take leave easily.

学会整理自己的物品。 (2) Learn to organize your belongings. Start organizing your child's organizing ability by organizing the contents in the schoolbag. Parents do not need to help, and do not need to ask or tell. We just need to read out what the child needs according to the teacher's request and let the child sort it out.

学会洗自己的内裤,袜子。 (3) Learn to wash your underwear and socks. You must learn to organize your own clothing. Your underwear, socks, and other small pieces of clothing should give your child a chance to exercise. This is the basic self-care ability, just like when you first entered the garden, you have to eat by yourself and take off your own clothes.

给孩子一个独立的空间。 (4) Give the child an independent space. It is best to have a room of your own, as this is more conducive to the cultivation of children's independence.

提前讲诉幼儿园和学校的环境的不同,上课内容及形式的不同。 (5) Tell in advance about the differences in the kindergarten and school environment, and the content and form of the lessons. The teacher's teaching methods are different, etc., so that the children have an understanding in advance.

帮助孩子养成良好学习习惯。 4. Help your children develop good study habits before they enter school .

(A) reading habits.

Reading aloud is very important for your child at this stage, so that you can understand the meaning of the article, but also enhance your self-confidence, how to increase your vital capacity, and (b) train your voice.

In parent-child reading, help children find reduplications, idioms, antonyms, adjectives, etc. This can make a sufficient amount of vocabulary accumulation for future compositions. Gradually start reading books about history, geography, science, ancient poetry, and literature according to your child's interests (with pictures, pinyin).

(3) Accompanying study habits.

家长切忌要在孩子学习时,不要坐在孩子面前,这样会让孩子有压力感,要坐在孩子右下30度或左下30度位置处 From now on, parents need to study with their children and complete some specific assignments (rarely) during the young transition period arranged by the kindergarten teacher. Parents must not sit in front of the child while the child is studying, as this will make The child has a sense of stress and should sit at the lower right 30 degrees or lower left 30 degrees .

In this way, the child can see that our parents are giving the child space at the same time, without stress. When the child is done with the homework, they will be checked by their parents and checked by their parents. Parents should not correct mistakes at any time, as this will make children dependent on learning.

(D) help children to develop a good habit of manual brain.

Parents should provide more puzzles, mazes, disassembling toys, electronic building blocks, magnetic sticks, various chess toys, etc. to stimulate the child's focus, observation, imagination and creativity. After a child has formed a good habit of using the brain, then learning and life at any age in the future will be active, positive, and positive.

(5) Help children develop good habits of love sports.

爱运动的孩子主动性非常强,爱运动的孩子通常都会保持阳光,积极的心态。 Children who love sports can easily transform negative emotions quickly . Children who love sports are very proactive, and children who love sports usually maintain a sunny and positive attitude. If so, will our parents be aware of their children's future studies?

帮助孩子养成社交礼仪习惯。 5. Help your children develop social etiquette habits before they enter school .

与同伴交往礼仪 (I) Etiquette with peers

In the process of children's interaction with their peers, various disputes will definitely occur. Parents must help their children to properly deal with their peer relationships, and gradually learn to understand and tolerate, and to be polite and friendly. The child must not handle small problems between the children in the "dispute". With the participation of an adult, the child will feel very useless and lose confidence in himself.

(Two) hiking with companions

Several families can go hiking and hiking together. In the process, children will learn a lot of knowledge that cannot be given indoors, learn to love each other, and help each other. You will also gradually learn to communicate with your peers and choose your own "good friend."

Going to school is a happy thing, going to school is a natural thing. ,做个有效陪伴的父母吧! Help your child prepare for life, study, and socialization, make everything easier and easier , be an effective parent!

Our kids are great! But first you have to believe it.

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